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Drinking Water Criteria Document for Endrin (Final Draft)

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The Office of Drinking Water (ODW), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has prepared a Drinking Water Criteria Document on endrin. The Criteria Document is an extensive review of the following topics: Physical and chemical properties of endrin, Toxicokinetics and human exposure to endrin, Health Effects of endrin in humans and animals, Mechanisms of toxicity of endrin, and Quantification of toxicological effects of endrin.

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Hee, S., M. Radike, E. Widner, R. Schoeny, AND E. O'Flaherty. Drinking Water Criteria Document for Endrin (Final Draft). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C., EPA/600/X-84/176 (NTIS PB86117967).


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