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National Menu of Stormwater Best Management Practices

The National Menu of Best Management Practices for Stormwater Phase II was first released in October 2000. EPA has renamed, reorganized, updated, and enhanced the features of the website. These revisions include the addition of new fact sheets and revisions of existing fact sheets. Because the field of stormwater is constantly changing, EPA expects to update this menu as new information and technologies become available. Therefore EPA invites you to submit comments on the existing fact sheets and suggest additional fact sheet subjects (click on the comment button at the top or bottom of each website).

The Menu of BMPs is based on the Stormwater Phase II Rule's six minimum control measures. Click on the minimum control measure below to see the Phase II requirements for that minimum measure and for the BMPs that can be used to implement it. You can also perform a general search for keywords using the search menu above. For information on problems associated with stormwater, general BMP information, and the stormwater Phase II rule, go to background information.

  1. Public Education - BMPs for MS4s to inform individuals and households about ways to reduce stormwater pollution.
  2. Public Involvement - BMPs for MS4s to involve the public in the development, implementation, and review of an MS4's stormwater management program.
  3. Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination - BMPs for identifying and eliminating illicit discharges and spills to storm drain systems.
  4. Construction - BMPs for MS4s and construction site operators to address stormwater runoff from active construction sites.
  5. Post-construction - BMPs for MS4s, developers, and property owners to address stormwater runoff after construction activities have completed.
  6. Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping - BMPs for MS4s to address stormwater runoff from their own facilities and activities.

Stormwater Case Studies - EPA has developed a series of stormwater case studies to help operators of municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) regulated under the Phase II stormwater regulations develop or improve their stormwater management programs. You can search the case studies by minimum measure, case study location, or keyword. Additional resources and tools for each case study and minimum measure are provided.

Urban Management Measures Guidance - The National Management Measures to Control Nonpoint Source Pollution from Urban Areas helps municipalities and citizens in urban areas protect waterbodies from polluted runoff resulting from everyday activities. These scientifically sound techniques are the best practices known today. The guidance helps municipalities implement their Phase II stormwater permit programs, and states implement their nonpoint source control programs.

Measurable Goals Guidance for Phase II Small MS4s (PDF) (55 pp, 669K) - Designed to help small MS4 operators comply with the measurable goals permitting requirements.

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