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National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
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NOI Application Detail

Notice of Intent (NOI) for Vessel Discharges
Activity Under the Permit VPAAZ998O

Permit Number
Operator Information
Vessel Owner/Operator Name: Komrowski Befrachtungskontor KG (GmbH & Co)
IMO: 0236762
Country: Germany
Address: Kattrepel 2
City/State/ZIP: Hamburg//20095 
Phone: 011494032903443
Fax: 011494032903434
Vessel Company Email :
Vessel Information
Vessel Name: BBC Kusan
Vessel Identifier: 9220639
Vessel Identifier Type: Vessel IMO Number
Vessel Call Sign: MZZW8
Flag State/Port of Registry: FlagState:United Kingdom, Port of Reg:London
Type of Vessel: Other
Vessel Dimensions: Weight: 8811 gross registered tons
Length: 416 feet
Ballast Water Capacity: 4441 meters3

Year Vessel Built: 2000
Date of last dry-dock: 11/11/2007
Date of next scheduled/anticipated dry-dock: 11/11/2012

Does the vessel have onboard treatment systems for any other waste stream covered by this permit (e.g. Advanced Wastewater Treatment System for Graywater, Oily Water Separator)?: Y

Waste Stream Treatment System Type/Design and Manufacturer Treatment System Capacity
Oily Bilge W. Separator Turbulo TCS 0.5 HAD/B+V Industrietechnik GmbH 0.5 CBM/h

How often is the ballast tank cleaned and sediment disposed of? At Drydock
How and where do you typically dispose of ballast tank sediment? Disposed by shipyard in Vietnam
Does vessel have an existing ballast water management plan? Y
Type of anti-fouling hull coating on the vessel: Copper Based Ablative
When anti-fouling hull coating was last applied: 11/11/2007
Describe hull husbandry practices, such as frequency of cleaning, method used, etc: FREQ:During Drydock METHOD:Blasting LOCATION:China

Does vessel currently have, or has vessel ever held, an NPDES permit, for any part, discharge, or operation of the vessel? N
Permit Number:
Dates of Coverage:

Is this a transfer of ownership? N
Date of Transfer:
Vessel Voyage Information

Home Port / Most Frequented US Port: Seattle, WA
US Ports Vessel Anticipates Visiting During Permit Term: Houton, TX; Miami, FL; New York, NY
Number of overnight berths: Passenger:0   Crew:13
Maximal capacity: Passenger:1   Crew:17
Does vessel travel beyond the US EEZ and more than 200nm from any shore? Y
Is the vessel engaged in Pacific Nearshore Voyages? N
Discharge Information

Applicable discharges vessel may generate: Deck Washdown and Runoff; Bilgewater / Oily Water Separator Effluent; Ballast Water; Anti-fouling hull coatings; Boiler/Economizer Blowdown; Cathodic Protection; Chain Locker Effluent; Controllable Pitch Propeller Hydraulic Fluid and other Oil-to-Sea Interfaces; Firemain Systems; Graywater; Non-Oily Machinery Wastewater; Refrigeration and Air Condensate Discharge; Seawater Cooling Overboard Discharge; Seawater Piping Biofouling Prevention; Small Boat Engine Wet Exhaust; Underwater Ship Husbandry; Welldeck Discharges; Graywater Mixed with Sewage
Does Vessel ever engage in or have capacity to engage in industrial operations? N
If yes, specify industrial operations:

Will the vessel be using an experimental ballast water treatment system which discharges residual biocides or derivatives? N
If yes, are biocide concentrations below those listed in Part 5.8 of the Permit? N
Biocide residuals or derivatives that may be discharged by the ballast water treatment system:
Certifying Official Information

Certifying Official Name: Marc Elsholz
NOI Preparer Information

Prepared By:
NOI Correspondence and Forms
Form (Click to open file) Submitted By Submitted Date
VeNOI Acknowledgement Letter (RTF) Marc Elsholz 09/09/2009 10:10:58
VeNOI PDF (PDF) Marc Elsholz 09/09/2009 10:10:58